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Prioritize health in architecture


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Life is a privilege and preserving it is a challenge. Recent times have shown that we are vulnerable to contagious and unknown diseases, environmental risks and deep social problems.

This reality, multiple and complex, demands an open attitude to knowledge and sensitive in analysis. It requires conversations from different disciplines. One of them is architecture.

Our individual and collective dynamics take place mostly in enclosed spaces: each office, housing, educational center or enclosure in which we spend on average between 80% and 90% of our life, impact our health and well-being.

Still, paradigms that guide industry and society at large omit the sickening capacity of buildings and the effects they have for generations. This is a necessary and urgent conversation, now that our reality is redrawn in the wake of the pandemic, and the need arises to restore economic and social continuity without suring health.

All these elements support the emergence of a new paradigm called Healthy Architecture. A transformation that is forged by the hand of those who believe that quality spaces should be a humanist manifesto and an epitome of that universal consciousness to which our time invites.

Academics, doctors, engineers, architects and entrepreneurs are part of this movement that argues that our buildings and cities are an expression of what we want as a society, and therefore have set out to propose a well-founded, balanced and documented reflection that brings elements of decision to the institutions.

To incorporate health as a priority issue in the day-to-day discourse of industry; promote more and better models that promote the design and implementation of criteria designed for the well-being of the human being; make our buildings more inclusive, sustainable and safe; improve people’s physical and emotional health; propose new urban models beyond efficiency and automation; and to create an awareness that lasts into the future in society, companies and institutions, the HEALTHY ARCHITECTURE Observatory is born within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and as a bastion of civic leadership and scientific vocation.


You can download our Manifesto here