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ESG Criteria and Property Valuation

Juan.fernandez Aceytuno

Director: Juan Fernández-Aceytuno

Consejero en Grupo GMP and Stellantis Financial Services

Rita Gasalla

Co-director: Rita Gasalla

Arquitect. CEO Galöw Arquitectura Saludable

Group members:

Felipe Fernández Espejel. COO Galöw Healthy Architecture
Carlos Martínez Jarabo. Founder and CEO Admentum
Eloy Bohua. CEO at Planner Exhibitions

Healthy architecture and neuroarchitecture add a hitherto intangible value to buildings and have the potential to change the concept of building quality and transform the real estate market.

Our objective is that they become incorporated as key factors for financing and for making investment decisions by funds or institutional investors.

This working group was established to analyze the contribution of healthy architecture and neuroarchitecture to the real estate market and determine how the revaluation of different properties can be quantified, whether office buildings, homes, nursing homes, hospitals, etc.

We study how to value and value properties designed and built following the parameters that favor this new model that puts people and their physical, mental and social well-being at the center.

Furthermore, Healthy Architecture is framed in ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) parameters, which are increasingly relevant for companies and investors. Our objective is that Healthy Architecture is understood as a source of value generation due to its contribution to society and competitiveness, and that as a consequence it is incorporated into the strategy and policy of the Boards of Directors.

We work on generating indicators and parameterizing data that certify that companies take care of people. Increasing productivity and retaining talent is an added value.