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Prioritize health in architecture

Prioritize health in architecture

Rita Gasalla

Rita Gasalla Regojo

“The paradigms that have oriented architecture so far must change. Life and health must be at the center. That is the new social agreement around our buildings and cities that we are called to fulfill as a society”

Rita Gasalla is an architect, entrepreneur and CEO of Galöw, the pioneering firm in Spain in the design and construction of hotels, offices and homes with the focus of Healthy Architecture. She has developed projects in several countries in Europe and America. Since 2014 she has participated in Verve A&D, a business initiative implemented in Palo Alto (CA) dedicated to the development of sustainable and experimental architecture projects. Given her experience and specialty, she has collaborated as an articleist ( columnist??)  for different specialized portals and has been a speaker in business and academic scenarios. Gasalla is also a reference of business leadership in its sector, as a mentor and business angel of women entrepreneurs in the STEM field.